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Travel Guide Panglao Island
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  How To Get Here Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines
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  Reaching Bohol

The beautiful island of Bohol is approximately located in central Philippines, and can be appropriately reached by air and boat. It is known as one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world and bearing the natures wonder.

You have two convenient options when you are from abroad, fly to Manila or Cebu. Cebu is the most suitable destination in getting to Bohol, however only a limited number of international flights will arrive there. When you are coming from the bewitching land array of Europe, you'll need to have a break in your journey in either of these beautiful Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, or Kuala Lumpur but, it will save you the hassle of going through Manila. The following international airlines like Malaysia Airlines, Silk Air, Cathay Pacific, and others fly international routes directly to Cebu.

If you wish to reach your destination via Manila, you'll possibly feel like taking a connecting voyage to Tagbilaran, which takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Another possible option also is to take a boat to Bohol, but you will spend more time for about 25 hours cruising. It is best and worthwhile enjoying your trip on sea when you have ample time to cherish the moment but if not take the quickest way to reach your destination as possible. If you come from Manila, getting Cebu by air and continue by boat is another wise option. The air travel from Manila to Cebu is circa 50 minutes and there are numerous daily flights from that route. It takes about 30 minutes transfer travel through taxi in normal traffic settings from airport to pier and it be supposed to cost 165 pesos. Asian Spirit, Grand Air, Astro Air, Air Philippines, PAL, and Cebu Pacific are the airlines flying from Manila to Cebu daily.

You can save a substantial amount of cash by asking around a little and it is always precious to look for a discounted fare if you fly. In other ways, you can use that discounted amount on unexpected fees when roaming around.

Reaching the destination via Cebu could make you spend for as short as 25 minute flight, but you'll possibly want to enjoy the one and a half hour trip with fast boat to Tagbilaran. If you take the regular boat to Tagbilaran, you'll probably take about four hours cruising. Another possible way to reach Bohol from Cebu is taking a boat to Tubigon and Talibon route that is more convenient and enjoying the beautiful west or north coast panorama of the island.

Moreover, if you want the most economical means to get from Cebu to Tagbilaran by boat is to take a ferry to Tubigon, and go on by bus from Tubigon to Tagbilaran. In this way, you can save both time and money because it is cheaper and faster means than taking a boat directly from Tagbilaran.

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Travel Guide Panglao Island

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